We’re all in a hurry.

We drive faster than the posted speed limit –

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Whether it’s on the highway –

Or a city street.

We’re frustrated by red lights –

Traffic jams –

And of course – construction zones.

There are more of those since Pennsylvania’s transportation funding measure passed in 2013 –

And more work zone fatalities.

Impatient drivers just don’t want to slow down.

But exactly how much time are they saving?

At 65 miles an hour –

It takes 4 minutes, 36 seconds to drive through a five mile construction zone.

At 45, it’s 6 minutes, 40 seconds.

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In other words – speeders are willing to risk someone’s life to save –

At most – a whopping two minutes and four seconds.

Senate Bill 840 would create a 5-year pilot program –

To put speed cameras in Pennsylvania work zones.

The camera snaps a picture of the speeder’s license plate.

The citation – with a fine, but no points – is mailed to the vehicle owner.

Police don’t have to try to chase or pull over speeders in a work zone.

And drivers can decide if two minutes and four seconds –

Is worth about 200 bucks in fines and fees.

Since Maryland started its program in 2009 –

Speeding in work zones dropped by 85-percent.

This is a no-brainer.

Put up the cameras.

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Save lives.