PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Thinking of getting some painting done around the house, but hate the idea of investing the time?

The Paint Zoom system promises to be a fast, easy, and powerful way to paint like a pro with no mess and save money.

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But does it really do that?

“What I saw was if I’m going to dip this in the paint, and then I’m gonna use it to get my water to thin out with, I’m gonna have to clean this,” said Dave Lobaugh, of Lobaugh Maintenance.

The Paint Zoom is light and portable, and Dave likes that, but, even in set-up, he is aware of extra steps.

“They want you to fill this up, and count how long it takes to empty it, and as you can see, it’s not going real fast,” Dave said.

Paint Zoom is a paint spraying system that promises it can help you get your painting job done faster, easier, and cleaner. To use your paint, you have to mix it with some water to thin it out so it can move through the narrow nozzle.

Dave decides to go with what they recommend: 90 percent paint, and 10 percent water.

He would have liked to have seen more included in the kit.

“One of the things that they don’t give you in here that they recommend that you do is strain the paint, and I don’t see a strainer in here,” Dave said.

That means trips back and forth for things, and cleaning.

“Now, they don’t give you nothing for mixing neither, so they don’t give you the strainer, they don’t give you the mixer,” Dave said.

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With his own stirrer, Dave mixes the paint, noting that we are at least 20 minutes into the setup and have not even started to think about the cleanup yet.

With the paint mixed, Dave puts the sprayer pieces together, plugs the unit in, but KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Antkowiak sees something left in the box that could help.

Dave tries to make his life easier with a convenient shoulder strap, but it does not seem to help much.

After draining an extension cord, we are ready to paint.

It is louder than Dave thought, and he appreciates that the Paint Zoom allows you to increase the volume of paint for better coverage, and adjust the spray.

The coverage looks good, and, as promised, no drips!

Satisfied with that, Dave looks into the cleanup, and, as he anticipated, it takes some time.

“You gotta really clean these things though – I know when I clean our professional machine, it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to clean it,” Dave said.

Paint Zoom: faster, easier, cleaner, professional-quality painting; no drips! Does it really do that? Dave thinks it depends.

“For the right person and the right project, it does what it… it’s working…it’s painting,” said Dave.

We’ve seen the Paint Zoom available in different configurations online and in stores. It sells for $50-$100.

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