MT. LEBANON (KDKA) – The controversy continues over controlling the deer population in a local community.

Getting rid of deer was once again a heated topic at a commissioner’s meeting in Mt. Lebanon.

“I am against deer culling and concerned about public safety in our densely populated community,” said Maureen Bennet.

“This is Western Pennsylvania, a natural habitat for deer. If you can’t live with that, perhaps this is not your habitat and you don’t belong here,” said Nancy Elbaum.

Several people spoke out against plans to eliminate deer in their community. The latest proposal on the table includes using sharpshooters through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Service.

“The proposal includes baiting during the duration of the removal and the processing of the meat for donation to food banks, the contract proposal totals $89,513.50,” said Coleen Vuono of the Mt. Lebanon Council.

Many say using weapons, especially guns, to control the deer population comes with serious public safety concerns.

“One of you wants to fire these through the neighborhood and these…let’s get off it people. What kind of crew do you think we are as people in Mt. Lebanon? Makes me pretty disgusted,” said Bill Hoon.

“Are you going to publish the yards in which the archery will be happening so that I can tell my son that he should not go into those yards,” said Ed Modaro.

In the end, the commissioners decided to put these issues on hold until they have more details on the sharpshooter plan.

The issue will be discussed at a meeting scheduled for Sept. 8.

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