This was no random act of violence.

The murder of a TV news crew in Roanoke, Virginia –

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Was a well-planned attack by a former colleague.

In an added twist –

Vester Flanagan recorded Wednesday morning’s ambush –

And posted the video on Twitter and Facebook.

He justified killing Alison Parker and Adam Ward –

In a twenty-plus page manifesto faxed to ABC News after the shooting –

Referring to himself as a human powder keg waiting to go “boom!”

Congressman Tim Murphy sees the attack –

And Flanagan’s subsequent suicide –

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As another indication of a failed mental health system.

Murphy is frustrated that Congress doesn’t feel the same urgency –

And a sense of guilt every time there’s another tragedy like this one.

He’s introduced his “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis” act twice –

And it’s still stuck in committee.

Congress needs to get off its collective kiester and approve H-R 26-46.

Would Alison Parker – Adam Ward – and Vester Flanagan still be alive –

If the bill had passed three years ago?

No one knows.

We do know that it could help people in the future

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But only if Congress acts now.