Pennsylvania’s fiscal year started July first – with no budget.

Since then – the state has collected 6-point-7 BILLION dollars in taxes –

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But not a dime has gone to Pennsylvania’s school districts.

That means a lot of districts are in deep trouble.

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is tracking the numbers.

So far – seventeen districts and two intermediate units –

Have borrowed a combined 346-million dollars –

Just to open their schools this fall.

Interest and fees could top 11-million dollars.

Another twenty-eight districts may need loans this month.

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These are school districts that were barely scraping by.

This additional expense will only create more financial hardships.

The state also stopped funding groups that provide social services –

It’s time our leaders stop bickering –

And pass a stop-gap measure to fund schools –

And human services organizations.

“Politics” is no excuse to shirk moral responsibility –

And fail to provide for our children – and those who most need help.

That has to stop –

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And it has to stop right now.