Back in the 1980’s –

As steel mills closed –

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And the region hemorrhaged jobs and people –

State and local officials stood in Oakland –

Within sight of CMU and Pitt –

To announce the creation of an “incubator” –

For tiny, start-up technology companies.

It didn’t seem very significant.

That was then.

This is now.

Pittsburgh is now home to hi-tech companies –

From the Golden Triangle to Larimer.

Boosters and developers –

Including Jeremy Waldrup of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership –

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Say there’s a growing “buzz” –

About the city as a tech hub –

And it’s time to capitalize on that.

California has Silicon Valley.

Austin, Texas, has Silicon Hills.

So how about Pittsburgh’s “Silicon Strip?”

Waldrup admits he isn’t sold on the name –

But thinks it’s time to create a brand for Pittsburgh.

He’s right.

Whatever they call it –

It’s time to promote Pittsburgh for what it is –

A place where hi-tech companies can start –

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And thrive.