Last Tuesday was Election Day.

Municipal and judicial elections –

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Don’t generally create a lot of voter excitement.

This year was no exception.

About a quarter of Pennsylvania’s registered voters cast ballots.

Allegheny County turnout was just under 26 percent.

Part of the problem?

It’s hard to really know anything about judicial candidates.

That’s troubling since –

As one candidate said –

It’s the judge who oversees your divorce –

Your DUI charge –

Your lawsuit –

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Or your criminal case.

The judge decides who gets the kids and who pays alimony –

Whether or not you lose your driver’s license –

Whether you do community service –

Pay a fine –

Or spend time behind bars.

Here in Pennsylvania – it’s the Supreme Court justices –

Who appoint a tie-breaking member to the commission –

That will re-draw Pennsylvania’s legislative districts after the 2020 Census.

All these things directly impact our lives.

It’s why every election is important –

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And we ignore judicial races at our own peril.