PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Gorilla Garden Hands sounds pretty funny, doesn’t it? But, if strange looking garden tools really do the job for you, you might not care what they’re called or what they look like.

They look more like green duck feet, but Gorilla Garden Hands are supposed to give mere mortals gorilla-like strength to pick up more leaves, faster– and make your fall yard work much easier.

Maggie McCarthy has leaf issues. She gets tons of leaves in her yard and doesn’t even have a big tree. T

he street she lives on has lots of trees though, and the leaves blow in her yard.

“It’s a lot of work to rake them, so we have to do it a couple times at this time of year. it’s just a pain,” she said.

To top it off, Maggie has problems with her back. So, the idea of something that works better, faster, and could take away some of the strain in getting rid of all those leaves sounds great.

Gorilla Garden Hands are sturdy, plastic, over-sized scoops with ridges on the edges, and handles with built-in wrist support.

The product doesn’t save you from the raking, so Maggie got to work there, but once the leaves were in a pile, she was ready to go with the Gorilla Garden Hands. It took a little bit to get the best technique, but once she did, Maggie was able to get a lot done, quickly.

“It’s a little awkward feeling, but yeah, I think I can pick up some more, and take it and dump it,” Maggie said as she scooped up another nice pile of leaves.

And, Maggie didn’t feel the pressure and pain in her back that she normally does when trying to tackle the leaves in her yard.

So, Gorilla Garden Claws promise to help you quickly and easily pick up leaves and debris, and make yard work a snap.

Does it really do that? Although she didn’t expect it when she first saw it, Maggie says, yes!

“I thought they were ridiculous. I didn’t really understand, and thought, seriously? This is ridiculous! Who would invent something like this? And now I’m mad I didn’t do it. This person’s going to make a lot of money,” she said.

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