By Dave Crawley

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Yearend reports, both local and national, usually focus on unhappy events. But Dave Crawley’s “Ode to 2015” in Pittsburgh is filled with happy experiences and, of course, fireworks.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Nay, me friends, me thinkest not,
For that would be unkind.

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We’ll begin at the end, by setting the scene,
With First Night, the last night, of twenty-fifteen.
The Wailers were wailing. Best reggae around.
“Well, the Wailers is a progressive sound.”

Speaking of progress, the Greenfield Bridge
Presented a scene that we viewed from the ridge.
Will the loss of this milestone be taken to heart?
“Aw, no, no. New memories start.”

The Zombie Bridge, too, was taken away
From the mall where “The Dawn of the Dead” had its day.
From Monroeville, the bridge took a different direction:
“To the Heinz History Center, for our permanent collection.”

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The Post Office Deli went for a ride.
“This thing was over fifteen feet wide.”
George the Tailor shuts down, but says, as he goes,
“It’s crazy. How could you forget your clothes?”

Meghan Klingenberg reveled with Market Square fans
As the World Soccer Cup went according to plans.
But when she was a girl, what did she foresee?
“Did I ever think this would happen to me?”

An LST vessel, which served in the war,
Drew lines of veterans to Pittsburgh’s North Shore.
While kids set a record, with cup after cup.
“Right side up, right side down, right side up.”

A tree house went up in Leet Township, with glee.
But the borough council? They didn’t agree,
And the girl who built it was left with a frown,
“Now all we can do is take it down.”

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But the ball went up, ‘mid a thunderous cheer.
May twenty-sixteen be a very good year.