PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Some local college students would love your help getting sent on a wild adventure.

The challenge is to travel through Europe without any money. Instead, using the energy drink Red Bull as currency.

This, of course, is put together by Red Bull, and Point Park University students Tyler Bogden, Angela D’Occhio and Ryan McMahon really hope people will vote for their team.

“It’s a seven-day challenge making it across Europe with Red Bull as your only currency,” said Bogden.

The deal is that Red Bull takes away your money, credit cards, and cell phone, and leaves you with 24 cans of the energy drink to barter for food and places to stay.

“They just fly you out the first day, there’s a few different start points,” said Ryan McMahon. “I think they give you a map or something and tell you end up here.”

Only college students can apply and do so by making a video. Teams that get the most votes become finalists, according to the Red Bull “Can You Make It” website.

Red Bull will pick 165 teams of three, 18 of which from the United States.

“We didn’t really know each other that well before we started making this video, and when we started making it, we wanted to show how much fun we have together,” said D’Occhio.

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Bogden actually gets a “Red Bull” tattoo in the video, and they tested out that whole Red Bull bartering thing.

“We attempted it in Pittsburgh,” said Bogden. “So like that tattoo itself, I mean we bartered for that and to get into the plane to get the aerial shots, we bartered for that as well.”

Apparently, the going rate for a tattoo in the ‘Burgh is three Red Bulls. Two Red Bulls will get you a plane ride.

Voting begins on Sunday.

There could be other entrants from other schools in Pittsburgh, but these three Point Park students really hope you give them your support.

David Highfield