PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Many viewers requested that we test Gripeez.

So, KDKA-TV Anchor/Does It Really Do That? reporter Jennifer Antkowiak found Carla Smith, of Braddock, who was eager to help us. She liked the idea of quick and easy, and an extra hand to keep things where she needs them.

Gripeez is a clear gripping pad that’s supposed to let you hang anything, anywhere and do it instantly. The commercial tells us that, “The secret is the powerful double-sided grip that never slips!”

The first thing Carla wants to try is for her 3-year-old son, R.J. She’d love a place for him to use and safely store his tablet.

The directions say to make sure the wall is clean and dry, and then, Carla just peels off one side of the clear backing, sticks the pad to the wall, peels off the other backing, then sticks the tablet to the Gripeez.

“Ok, wow, ok! I’m tugging it. Wow, that feels really tight! That is secure,” Carla said.

She liked how Gripeez held the tablet in place.

Will it come off just as easily? The directions say to remove an item, twist to loosen the grip, then gently lift.

As shown, the pad stayed in place, the tablet came off.

“Ok, that came off perfect,” Carla said.

Next, Carla wanted to try re-hanging a baby picture of R.J. that she tried to hang with other strips. She showed us how the strips left marks on her wall, tore some of the backing off the picture, and the picture fell off the wall.

She’d been waiting to try something else that wouldn’t require a hammer and nails, because she rents and has to be careful of what she does to the walls.

Once again, Carla peels and sticks and the Gripeez grips.

“Wow! That’s up there, that’s perfect, that’s perfect,” Carla said.

She pressed and pushed on the picture, but it stayed in place. And to adjust the picture, she twisted it to loosen the grip, gently lifted and saw no damage to the wall or picture.

She was then able to re-stick it and it held just fine.

Finally, Carla and Jen wanted to test the Gripeez for how it would hold weight. The commercial shows a woman using a Gripeez to stick a shelf that holds a bowling ball.

The packaging says each pad will hold up to five pounds.

Carla used a Gripeez to stick a clear shelf to her wall, and then, one by one, added cans of food.

The Gripeez held it all.

“It doesn’t look like it’s coming off —it’s not sliding, it’s not doing anything,” Carla said.

So, Gripeez promises to hang any object, anywhere in seconds. Does it really do that?

“Gripeez got me,” Carla said. “Yes it does! I think we hung enough stuff today to know that it does.”

We bought Gripeez online for about $10 for a pack of ten.

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