PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Flight Trampoline Park in Bridgeville is frequently packed with little jumpers, burning off energy or celebrating at birthday parties. However, a couple of days a week, the adults get the trampolines for an hour.

“Your body really feels it. It’s nonstop,” said Liz Valli, one of a dozen people at a Flight Fit class KDKA-TV’s Heather Abraham attended.

The class consists of a warmup, followed by a Tabata style interval workout. Each exercise is done for eight sets with ten-second breaks in between.

It’s not just bouncing jumping jacks, but running up trampoline inclines and box jumps.

“You’ll look goofy. You’ll look funny. You’ll look silly, but everyone’s having fun,” said Valli. “And yeah, you wake up sore.”

Instructor Maryann Martin has been teaching the class for about a year-and-a-half. She said the class is easy on your joints, great lymphatic system and also helps to strengthen your heart over time.

“My first class, I did about 15 (jumping) jacks on the trampoline and I was like, gasp, it was hard on my cardio-vascular system,” said Martin, who now can bounce through the entire class and yell out encouragements and instructions.

Renee Havlind, of South Fayette, goes to Flight Fit classes a couple of times a week.

“You feel pain in areas that you didn’t necessarily know could hurt, but in a good way. It’ll be fun when you put heels on later in the day,” she said.

Flight advertises on their website that, “According to the Well Being Journal, 20 minutes of rebounding exercise is equal to 1 hour of running from a cardiovascular perspective.”

Martin says people are also burning a lot of calories.

“People are saying they burned 800 calories, I burned 1,000 calories,” Martin said. “I had somebody burn over 1,000 calories the other night.”

For busy working parents, one of the best benefits of all is kids under 6 can tag along and jump in the kiddie court while you work out.

It’s a perk that’s included in the price of the class.

“Kids can see their parents working out and I just think that’s phenomenal to be such a good role model to see your mom or dad working out,” said Martin.

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