By: Heather Lang

Before a few weeks ago, it’s safe to say Effie and Valentino had never experienced much kindness or love.

Both dogs were recently rescued from similar terrible situations.

Effie was seized about a month ago by humane investigators from an apartment in Homewood. She was just 23 pounds at the time, when she should have weighed more like 50 to 60 pounds. Valentino was rescued just last weekend, also in Homewood. The 5-month-old puppy was also emaciated, had an infection on one of his paws and was nearly frozen.

Since then, both have been making strides toward recovery, but with long roads ahead of them.

Still, from the darkest of situations can come the light of hope. And when it comes to animals, a lot of cuteness is involved, too.

For Effie and Valentino, hope has not just come from their caretakers at the Western Pa. Humane Society and Animal Rescue League, or from a city pulling for them. It has come from each other.

Yes, it sounds weird to say that about two dogs. But their recent messages to each other on Facebook have been shared hundreds of times over the last few days.

First, the Humane Society sharing Effie’s message: “To Valentino, get better! Love, Effie.”

Then, the Animal Rescue League and Valentino responded with this message: “Hi Effie! Thanks for checking up on me. Life has been hard, but the loving people at the Animal Rescue League are making it better.”

The good news for Effie is that the Western Pa. Humane Society says she’s eating a little more each day and getting some of her strength back.

She has also become a poster pup of sorts for House Bill #113, or “Angel’s Law,” which simply put would stiffen punishments for those convicted of animal abuse.

As for Valentino, the Animal Rescue League said earlier this week through Facebook that despite being confined to a cage most of his young life, he’s making improvements. The wound on his paw has started to heal and he is gaining a little weight, too. But most importantly, he has started to become playful.

If you would like to help Effie, the Humane Society has started a fundraiser, selling #EffieStrong bracelets for $5. For more information on those bracelets or to donate, visit their website here.

To help Valentino, visit the Animal Rescue League’s website here.

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