By: Heather Lang

Just call this little guy Chopper!

Well, this Golden Retriever’s name is actually Wesley, and, like many kids growing up, he’s been having some dental issues.

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So his grandpa, who just happens to be a veterinarian specializing in animal dentistry, decided to fix Wesley up by giving him braces.

Yes, you read that right. There are veterinary dentistry specialists. And yes, dogs can get braces just like people.

Photos of Wesley and his furry brace-face have been taking the Internet by storm over the last few days.

Have you seen them yet?

If not, you need to. They are guaranteed to make you smile! Pun intended.

According to BuzzFeed, 6-month-old Wesley lives in Michigan with his owner Molly, who noticed that her little pup was having some issues with his teeth as he was getting bigger.

Molly told BuzzFeed that her father, Dr. Jim Moore, of Harborfront Hospital for Animals, decided to give Wesley braces because his adult teeth “were coming in wrong,” causing him chewing problems and issues closing his mouth.

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The issues began taking a toll on the dog, reports BuzzFeed. Wesley began losing weight and stopped playing like a normal puppy would.

So his grandpa jumped into action.

Dr. Moore says doggy “braces are an ‘unusual technique,’” but not completely unheard of.

According to BuzzFeed, Wesley was under anesthetic while Dr. Moore put on the braces; and the good news is, Wesley only has to wear them for a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Molly says she can totally relate to her furry best friend. That’s because she had to wear braces when she was a kid.

Good luck with you teeth, Wesley. And best wishes for a healthy smile. Keep on smiling little buddy! You brighten our day.


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