By Amy Wadas

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The rise in fares for Uber in Pittsburgh went into effect Thursday at noon.

The ride-sharing service raised its fares by 10 percent. And while some Uber drivers are happy about the change, others say they want the fares to go back to what they were last year.

Uber says it’s keeping its promise to drivers.

“It’s better money for me. I’m a single parent. Do what I gotta do [to] take care of my daughter,” Uber driver Ashley said.

The company promised its drivers that if the lower rates that went into effect in January didn’t help drivers take home more money, fares would go back up. That’s what happened on Thursday.

“When you compare it to how much they cut the rates by, it’s not really a raise in rates,” Uber driver Brian Randolph said.

Randolph has been working for Uber for about a year and a half.

“I think if they re-establish the rates to what they were originally, it would be a lot easier,” Randolph said.

The base fare, per mile and minimum fare was highest in 2015. But, Uber cut the fare by 20 percent in January and increased its fare by 10 percent Thursday.

But, some passengers say they don’t mind.

“I utilize them all the time. That’s my source of getting around the city,” Bryn Basehore said.

“I understand it’s a free market. It’s still cheaper than taking a cab… still easier than taking a cab in Pittsburgh,” Christian Barilar said.

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YellowCab driver Fred Bell expects business to stay the same regardless of the rate hike.

“Everybody is all set on the app thing, and I guess one of the things, nobody ever wants to talk to a human being anymore. They want to tap, tap, tap,” Bell said.

But others say the increase will be tough.

“I live pretty far out of the city, so it’s costing me a lot anyway, so a 10 percent increase would be a lot,” Robin Miller, of Valencia, said.

Randolph says the prior price cut really affected drivers.

He said that even though drivers worked more trips in hopes of making more money, they still made less money because maintenance went up. That’s why getting the fare back to what it was last year is so important to him.