AUSTIN, Texas (KDKA) – A Texas pastor who claimed a cake he bought from Whole Foods in Austin had a homophobic slur written on it is now facing legal action of his own from the supermarket giant.

CBS News reports the attorneys for Pastor Jordan Brown said he ordered a cake from a Whole Foods store with the personalized message “Love Wins,” but when he received it, the cake said “Love Wins F**.”

But Whole Foods is disputing his claim.

They say his accusations are fraudulent, and they intend to take legal action against Brown and his attorney.

Whole Foods also released the security footage of Brown checking out of the store, they say further backing their position.

“Mr. Brown admits that he was in sole possession and control of the cake until he posted his video, which showed the UPC label on the bottom and side of the box,” the statement read. “After reviewing our security footage of Mr. Brown, it’s clear that the UPC label was in fact on top of the cake box, not on the side of the package.”

In a YouTube video, Pastor Brown claims he didn’t realize what it said until he got into his vehicle. In the video, he shows the box containing the cake, apparently still sealed, with the message written on it.

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