McKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — On the eve of the Pennsylvania Primary, Ohio Gov. John Kasich held a town hall meeting at Montour High School, very close to where he grew up in the McKees Rocks area.

He talked about his connections to the area, about how his parents died in a car crash, and he singled out his Uncle George who was in the crowd.

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During a one-on-one interview with KDKA’s David Highfield, Kasich talked about the people of this region: “People here, they’re God-fearing, common sense. They struggle, but they are basically optimistic about the future.”

When Highfield asked about his recent pact with Sen. Ted Cruz to campaign selectively, he answered:

“Well, it’s about resources being directed where you think you have the best place, the best chance of being able to get good results. It’s all about husbanding resources and trying to stop Hillary Clinton because we believe Trump cannot win in the general election.”

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Highfield: “Have you felt tempted to make your message more flashy during this election?”

Kasich: “No, not at all. I’m not interested in flashy. I’m interest in solid.”

Kasich told KDKA that he doesn’t expect to win Pennsylvania, but that he hopes to accumulate more delegates in Tuesday’s primaries heading into what he believes will be an open Republican Convention this summer in Ohio.

Last week, Kasich stopped by the Duquesne Club and Market Square, and talked about the Pittsburgh values he’d like to take to the White House, if elected.

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On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were also in town this primary eve.

David Highfield