PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Lots of people have grooming issues with their dogs. Matted fur can drive you nuts, and professional grooming can be expensive.

A new grooming tool called Knot Out promises less frustration and great results. Does it really do that?

KDKA TV News Anchor/Does It Really Do That? reporter Jennifer Antkowiak had several requests to test this product.

Nicole Sunseri and her dog, Poco, were happy to help. Poco is a 4-year-old Yorkiepoo and his fur is hard to groom.

“It’s really hard to put a brush. You can’t put a brush through him,” Nicole said.

Knot Out looked different than anything Nicole has used before. It is an electric comb with sharp blades embedded and protected near the base. The commercial says they, “instantly eliminate knots for faster, easier grooming.”

Nicole starts using Knot Out on Poco like they show in the commercial – combing through Poco’s fur until she hits a knot, then turning Knot Out on to get through it.

But, because Poco’s hair is so thick, she finds it’s easier to leave it on longer. It did take the dog a little bit to get used to the sound and the light vibration.

“Oh look how nice—look! On your ears it’s pretty! We like it!” Nicole said as she used Knot Out around Poco’s head. “Yes, you can see how thick the hair is. Yeah, it’s definitely going all the way in and hair’s flying out!”

Nicole was actually pretty surprised by what Knot Out was taking out.

“He doesn’t shed like this so this is all old, dead, matted hair coming out with this brush,” she said.

After just a little bit of use though, Knot Out sounded like it was slowing down as if the batteries were dying, but the batteries were brand new.

This is a story that points out why it’s important to read everything that comes with a product. A sticker on the handle directed Jen and Nicole to a website for trouble shooting. There, they found out that if the batteries sound like they’re running down, you should take off a plate and check to the roller to see if any hair is trapped.

Nicole did that and found lots of hair wrapped tightly around the roller ball, kind of like you might see on a vacuum cleaner.

The directions say to use tweezers to remove the hair.

“Wow, that’s a lot of hair and it just keeps coming! It just keeps coming!” Nicole said.

After it was cleaned out, Knot Out turned on just fine and sounded strong.

So, Knot Out claims to remove knots safely and instantly, Does it really do that? Nicole gives it a big thumbs up.

“I think it really does do it. I really do. And I don’t think it hurts the dogs. It takes them a minute maybe to get used it because of the noise, but he let me do it and it definitely got the knots out.” she said.

Knot Out is available online, and in some stores that feature As Seen On TV products.

We paid $14.95 plus $8.50 in tax and shipping.