PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – KDKA-TV anchor Ken Rice is a man who knows pizza, and he has very clear thoughts on how to go about ordering it.

“I would rather have zero pizza than having a little pizza. There’s nothing worse than getting a little pizza,” he told anchor/Does it Really Do That? reporter Jennifer Antkowiak.

So, Ken is an over-orderer. However, with that kind of mindset, Ken often finds himself left with leftovers, and, faced with the same daunting problem.

“I’m like, alright I’m gonna stick this in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. I know that the crust is gonna get rubbery, I know that the cheese is gonna get gummy, but I don’t have the time i’m just gonna eat it anyway,” he said.

Jen was happy and hopeful to have her friend try the Pizza Fresh. What is it? Pizza Fresh is a red triangular tray that’s supposed to make leftover pizza taste oven fresh. In theory, elevated nubs allow any moisture to flow to the bottom of the tray to prevent soggy pizza, and the openings around the tray were created to let air move through for even heating. Silicone handles make it easy to grab and move the Pizza Fresh.

The directions say to heat the pizza for up to a minute and that you may need to adjust the heating time based on the strength of your microwave.

First, Ken tries to re-heat a slice of pizza as he normally would; on a paper towel in the microwave. He heats it for 30 seconds, and out comes a result he’s used to.

“Typical microwave pizza in that the crust is soggy. There’s no crispness, there’s no firmness. Look at it, it’s floppy,” Ken said.

Would Pizza Fresh make it any better? Ken places a slice of cold pizza on it, pops it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

“Ooh,” Ken said, “You know what? Just look at that. Look at how the crust is standing up just a little bit.”

Would the results hold up upon further inspection?

“I may have gotten a little ahead of myself,” Ken said. “The crust it may be a little firmer, but it’s not exactly crisp.”

Still Ken’s willing to give it a taste test. Maybe his mouth will detect something his eye cannot?

He took a bite of the Pizza Fresh-heated pizza and said, “I think I have a conclusion: no difference. See, look, here’s the Pizza Fresh piece still pretty mushy. This was the no Pizza Fresh piece, pretty equal. I don’t see how it’s any different.”

So, as far as the product’s claims to make day-old pizza taste oven fresh and never soggy.

Does it really do that?

“I didn’t notice any difference, so i’d say no,” Ken said.

Pizza Fresh is available online. We paid $14.95 for ours.

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