PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you love kitchen gadgets, the Clever Cutter may have caught your eye. It’s billed as a knife and cutting board all in one that will quickly and safely chop and slice your favorite foods.

The commercial says, “Unlike scissors, the Clever Cutter’s secret is the power pressure handles that automatically open for quicker, easier slicing to cut through food fast.”

Jerome Frainey, of Export, was interested in giving it a try. He does a lot of the cooking at his house, in a kitchen he updated himself. It was a big project to add a big window, new cabinets, lighting and more.

Jerome told KDKD-TV News Anchor/Does It Really Do That? reporter Jennifer Antkowiak that he was curious to see if Clever Cutter could earn a new place in his organized space.

Normally, Jerome likes to use a cleaver and cutting board to chop, slice, and dice things just the way he likes. He showed Jen how quickly he’s used to dicing celery that way.

Then, Jerome tried the same thing with the Clever Cutter. The product cut through the celery, but the motion was a little awkward for Jerome, and it was difficult to get the ends of the pieces through the Clever Cutter, while being careful not to nick his fingers.

Realizing it would take some time to get used to a new gadget, especially since he’s used his cleaver and cutting board for years; Jerome continued on with other foods featured in the commercial. The Clever Cutter worked well with asparagus.

It also went through a potato, but it was a little difficult for Jerome to cut it the way he wanted.

Jerome also tried the Clever Cutter on bread, and he and Jen liked the way it did that –nice, thin, even slices – quickly, without any tearing of the bread.

“I’m actually surprised it cuts it like that. It does cut it,” Jerome said.

Next, he tried to cut an apple with the Clever Cutter.

“It doesn’t wanna finish. There you go, you really have to clamp ‘er down to get through the skin. If you go slow it doesn’t wanna get through it,” he said.

Jerome also cut through an onion, and a block of cheese. The Clever Cutter did slice and chop everything they tried, but Jerome is used to having more control with his clever and cutting board.

And, with using it, he had safety concerns.

“It makes me nervous when I’m using it, honestly,” he said.

So, the Clever Cutter promises to quickly chop your favorite foods in seconds, does it really do that?

Jerome says yes, but has some concerns.

“It cuts as depicted, but is it practical? For somebody else maybe, but for me it’s not really practical for what I like to do,” he said. “Is there a danger element with it? I have to say yeah, but it does cut.”

Clever Cutter is available online and in stores. We bought a $14.95 package that included two Clever Cutters and a bonus peeler.

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