DELMONT (KDKA) — A Delmont community has a big problem with Canada geese.

“It’s horrible. They are ruining our property,” says Charlotte Bush.

About 70 Canada geese have settled into a few ponds surrounding the Bush home. The geese are leaving droppings that people in the community say are damaging property values.

“I’m out of here,” says Noah Farberow.

Farberow, an investment banker, says Canada geese droppings cover his property. He says his kids can’t play in the grass, and he worries they carry the waste on their feet into the community pool.

“I’m tired of fighting it. We have tried everything. I built a new house away from the geese. We’re moving,” Farberow said.

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So, Get Marty brought in wildlife pest control officer Matthew Pappa to take a look at the problem.

“They need to be controlled. There are too many of them,” says Pappa.

Dogs, boats, even decoys didn’t work.

“We are going to have to take a serious look at harvesting the geese,” Pappa said.

Pappa says he’s going to apply for a depredation permit with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and he will take no action without the permission of the homeowners’ association.

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