PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Painting your nails at home can be a pain. From trying to keep freshly painted nails free from nicks, to the challenge of painting nails on your other hand with your less dominant one -the struggle is real.

What if a salon-perfect manicure was just a spray away? A product called Spray Perfect claims you can have a great at-home manicure in minutes.

Does it really do that?

Many KDKA-TV viewers have been asking anchor/reporter Jennifer Antkowiak to test this one. Victoria Berthothy has been doing nails for six years, and for the past two, at Esspa in Aspinwall. She loves her connection with pampering clients.

“They just have this expression on their face,” she said.

Victoria pointed out that polish of any kind alone doesn’t replace all the services and benefits included in a full manicure, but she was intrigued by the idea of a spray formula.

“I’m actually really excited to see how it works,” she said.

One of Victoria’s clients, Vicky, also agreed to help with the test. We caught her mid-manicure; so she had one hand professionally done, and we’d be able to see how Spray Perfect compared.

Spray Perfect is a spray nail polish, which is actually kind of a powder that’s supposed to stick to your nails, but wash off your skin. It comes with a little bottle of liquid base and top coat.

The directions say to start by washing your hands clean of any lotions, and dry. Then, Jen and the testers each got started using the base coat. It dried in under a minute.

Next, they chose a color from the ones we ordered: Naked Nude, Racy Red, Passion Purple, and Sexy Silver.

Vicky went for Passion Purple, and as directed, she protected the surface where she’d be spraying. It was quick, and easy.

They wanted to see a metallic, so Jen tried Sexy Silver. It went on just as quickly and easily with good coverage.

And, Victoria used Racy Red. Again-fast, even coverage, and it dried quickly. The formula felt light, and wasn’t as messy as everyone anticipated.

Following instructions, everyone finished off by painting on a liquid top coat, which instantly made the color seem even more vibrant and shiny.

“It makes a big difference,” Vicky smiled and said. The top coat also dried quickly.

All that was left to see was if the color would stick to the nails, but wash off their fingers as promised.

It did!

The purple, the metallic, even the red washed away with no staining at all on the skin.

Vicky’s hand with the professional manicure was neater and shinier, but, the Spray Perfect wasn’t bad at all. Our testers liked what they saw.

So, Spray Perfect promises a fast, easy way to polish your nails at home. Does it really do that? Our testers both give it a thumbs up!

“Did it surprise you it worked as well as it did?” Jen asked the professional nail technician.

“It did surprise me! It honestly did,” Victoria told Jen.

Spray Perfect also came off with no problem, with regular nail polish remover. It’s available online.

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