PENN HILLS (KDKA) – Firefighters in Penn Hills were called to an unusual situation Monday night, which involved an alligator on the loose.

It all started when a woman called Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Department Station #221 after finding a 4-foot alligator in her backyard along Oberlin Street.

When firefighters arrived, they were able to capture the alligator in a garbage can.

However, a large nest of bees nearby proved to be the more challenging obstacle. Several firefighters were stung multiple times, but no one was seriously injured.

(Photo Courtesy: Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Department Station 221/Facebook)

(Photo Courtesy: Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Department Station 221/Facebook)

Bu they say it could have turned into a very dangerous situation.

“That could have been a little kid, that could have been anybody that got bit by that thing,” Penn Hills VFD #221 Chief Shawn Snyder. “I don’t necessarily know that he would have hurt anybody severely, but still, it’s an alligator with a mouth full of teeth.”

Eventually, officials with the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium were called to the scene. The gator was then taken to the zoo where officials are trying to find it a permanent home.

It’s unclear how the gator ended up in the woman’s backyard at this time.

Official believe the animal either escaped or its owner wasn’t able to care for it.

“If you have them and you can’t handle them, call the appropriate authorities. There’s wildlife centers around that you can call during the day that will come to get them,” said Chief Snyder.

It is legal in Pennsylvania though to keep a pet alligator, though it’s banned in some states.

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