GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Called Westmoreland County’s rogue bicyclist, Dave Smith faced a bond revocation hearing Friday on charges he obstructed traffic and harassed a motorist.

This was Smith’s second bond revocation. The judge cut him a break the first time, but not the second.

57-year-old David Smith walked into Westmoreland County’s court house and immediately there was a problem. Already accused of threatening a court official with a rock a while back, police found a knife concealed in Smith’s backpack.

Smith’s bond faced revocation after he was caught riding his bike in South Greensburg after being specifically ordered by judge Megan Billick Defazio to stay off the roads on his ten speed.

Pictures and videos online show Smith riding his bike, many times leading a slow-moving parade of cars with frustrated drivers who, according to police, Smith refused to let pass.

Testifying at his revocation hearing smith said, “I meant do disrespect to the court and obeyed the order for six months..I tried to do the right thing. I tried to stay out of the sight of cars, I needed the exercise.”

Judge Defazio made clear Smith was told stay off the bike, stay off the road. Smith’s bond was revoked and he walked out in chains and back to jail

Smith will now also be charged with bringing a weapon in to the court house. He will remain in the Westmoreland County Jail until his pre-trial hearing.

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