PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With polls suggesting the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is neck-and-neck here in Pennsylvania, suddenly this debate seems more important than ever.

“I want to hear the candidates talk about the issues,” says Jason Staley of Bethel Park. “I want to hear about how they’re going to grow the middle class. I want to hear them get specific. I don’t want to hear them talk about platitudes.”

But expectations are not particularly high.

“Over 90 minutes I would hope that both candidates would find it within their power to address the issues that affect the American public,” Harlan Stone of Squirrel Hill told KDKA political editor Jon Delano.

Delano: “Do you think that’s going to happen?”

Stone: “No, I don’t.”

Others hope they will stick to the questions and not let their opponent get away with lying.

“I’d really like to see them answer the question that was posed to them, and I would like them both to be fairly aggressive in the how they fact-check each other,” notes Amy Crist of Hampton.

The estimates are that somewhere between 65 and 100 million Americans will watch this debate.

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That is not a record for TV, as 115 million watched the Super Bowl in 2015. Still it’s a lot of people, although we found some who want nothing to do with this debate.

Matt Miller of Whitehall says, “I have better things to do.”

And Audriana Ford of the North Side, who isn’t watching either, says, “It’s Monday. Reality shows come on tonight.”

For many who are watching, it won’t matter what happens during the debate.

“I will vote with the party,” says Bethany Puzzini, a Republican from Mt. Lebanon.

Delano: “So you’re going to vote for Donald Trump no matter what?”

Puzzini: “Unfortunately, yes.”

“I pretty much made up my mind who to vote for,” says Kyia Pride of Homewood, “so it won’t matter. The debate won’t matter.”

But regardless, Jim O’Neill of White Oak hopes, “They have something inspiring for the voters.”