Ryan Mayer

The NFL’s old moniker of being the “No Fun League” has started to pop up more this season as the league has instituted a league-wide crackdown on touchdown celebrations. Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is no stranger to flags for over-the-top celebrations. He was flagged and fined in Week 1 for twerking, though his response was perfect.

Last night during the team’s game against the Chiefs, Brown got flagged once more for excessive celebration after burning the Chiefs secondary for a long touchdown. Here’s the play.

The flag led to immediate jokes on Twitter referring to the old Key and Peele sketch about Hingle McCringleberry’s excessive celebration and the “two-pump rule”.

In case you’ve never seen the sketch, here it is for reference.

In today’s NFL, even the “two-pump rule” doesn’t keep you safe from drawing a penalty apparently.

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