PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Experts say there is a “critical shortage” in automotive technicians in western Pennsylvania and dealers are looking to hire.

John Putzier, Executive Director with the Greater Pittsburgh Auto Dealers Association, tells the “KDKA Morning News,” “We had a conference last week at CCAC and we had tons of people show up from the manufacturers…[along with] instructors with the tech schools, the dealers and they all were wringing their hands [trying to figure out how they will fill all the vacant spots.]”

Putzier says it is a nationwide shortage and that currently there are 500 vacancies they need to fill in western Pennsylvania.

According to Putzier, one of the barriers the industry is running into is, “Generally speaking, the young people today are not all that interested in cars…They don’t even think of the auto industry necessarily.”

Putzier says the position of automotive technician has become a high tech job.

“No trade has become more high tech than automotive. It’s a rolling computer…It’s more mind than muscle today and a good tech can bring in a six-figure salary every year,” said Putzier.

Putzier says for those that are interested in a career as an automotive tech, “You can go to a career or technical school, any one of the 30 different career and technical schools in western Pennsylvania and within two years, be well employed for life, in a good salary.”

Jobs are also available in finance, accounting and management, but Putzier says they voice on sales and service jobs because that is where the most severe shortage is.

Another reason for the job shortage is due to how well auto sales are doing in the region.

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