Everyone Is Involved In The Scoring For Pitt, Even The Offensive Line

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – The University of Pittsburgh football team has not scored less than 28 points in a game this season. Their high-powered offense, led by Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada, is a significant reason why Pitt stands with a 5-2 record through the first seven weeks of the season.

Canada joined “The Fan Morning Show” on Monday and said one of the keys to success offensively is getting everyone involved.

“In our system, we try to spread it around a little bit,” said Canada. “We spread it around pretty well, we’re fortunate to have really good running backs right now. Obviously, we’ve used George [Aston] in some unique ways I think as a fullback so it’s kind of worked out for us pretty well so far.”

Canada says he really likes his players on the offense and that they don’t get ahead of themselves during the game.

“I really like our players, I’ve said that since I got here,” said Canada. “I like the way they work at it, I like the professional style in which they play with. On offense, it’s ‘this drive is the drive’ we treat every drive as ‘the drive’ and all you can do is score on this drive. It doesn’t matter if we’re ahead, behind, the only drive that matters is right now and that’s kind of our mantra is ‘right here, right now’ and our kids have done a good job.”

Canada also admires fullback George Aston for his toughness and what he brings to the Pitt offense.

“Nobody really wants to go in there and bloody their nose and be tough, [but] George is that guy,” Canada said. “And George can carry the football, too. I mean, George is a tremendous asset to our football team. I love the guy, he plays hard every day, he practices hard every day, we can do so much with him. He’s able to block, like I said he is not a guy that’s just looking to get touches on the edge, I mean he will block, he will do anything you ask him to do and he loves to play.”

Canada also said getting the offensive line the ball, like when offensive tackle Brian O’Neill scored a touchdown against Georgia Tech, is something that they love to see.

“In that football game, Georgia Tech does such a great job possessing the ball, you certainly don’t have a play just to make somebody feel good, that’s certainly not part of our plan,” said Canada. “So, it was a play that we felt would work if it was executed correctly, we felt that they would pursue and not many people are going to leave a guy back to cover an ineligible left tackle.”

The Panthers have an off week this coming week, but will be back in action on Thursday, Oct. 27, at Heinz Field against Virginia Tech.

You can here the entire interview with Canada on “The Fan Morning Show” below.

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