SAN FRANCISCO (KDKA) – Technology is now taking over the kitchen.

There are new devices that measure your food and even do most of the cooking for you.

The smart appliance trend that started in the living room is now moving into the kitchen.

“You look at ovens, the technology hasn’t changed in 50-plus years,” Matt Van Horn said.

Van Horn is the co-creator of the June Oven. It uses sensors, scales and cameras to determine what you’re cooking.

Place something inside and the convection oven’s computer figures out how to best prepare it – be it baking, broiling or roasting.

You can even monitor your food from your smartphone.

“We’re in essence teaching this oven to think like a chef, by using the camera, we’ve got a weight scale in there,” Van Horn said.

The Drop Scale uses similar technology.

Sensors help determine when you’ve entered enough of an ingredient – based on weight.

Chef Jessica Entzels has been testing it for a year.

“I haven’t used a measuring cup definitely in that entire year,” she said.

A new Samsung refrigerator has cameras inside. At the grocery store, shoppers can use their smartphone to see if they’re out of milk.

There’s also a built-in tablet where you can look up recipes.

And if you want to go hands free, Alexa, Siri and other voice recognition devices have the answers.

Marcus Gosling helps design kitchen products.

“There’s some really smart, forward-thinking companies saying, well how can we make seamless experiences in the kitchen?” he said.

He went on to say that an ideal recipe mixes tradition with technology.

The June oven sells for nearly $1,500. The tech company behind it is now taking pre-orders and is expecting to starting shipping at the end of this year.

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