PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you’re a pet owner, chances are you can’t stand all the dog or cat hair all over your house. Shedding can be a real pain.

The True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove promises you can pet the hair away. KDKA-TV’s Sarah Arbogast decided to put the glove to the test.

For our test, we turned to Bubba Snider, cohost of the popular Star 100.7 morning show. He’s a self-proclaimed infomercial junkie.

“I watch every infomercial possible,” said Snider.

Last winter, we had Bubba test “Speed Out.” It was a big failure, but not because of Bubba. We wanted to see if he had more luck with the True Touch Glove.

“I’ve got two Bernese Mountain dogs, Bam Bam, who is 6, and he is the best dog ever, friendly, nice, listens, furry, and then I’ve got Baxter, who is a 12-week-old dog, who is out of control,” said Snider.

Bubba said the shedding is also out of control. In fact, he says he goes through two vacuums a year because of cleaning up all the hair.

“A 130-pound dog of shedding is a lot of shedding,” said Snider.

He has tried other products to get rid of the mess, but with no success. He was anxious to try out the glove. We opened up the box and took a quick look at the directions. Bubba put the glove on and got to work petting Bam Bam.

After just a couple of minutes, the glove was coated in fur. Bam Bam certainly didn’t mind the relaxing massage.

“Anybody that has a dog, especially a big dog, knows that brushing and grooming is not always the easiest thing, so I think that this adds an element of relaxation,” said Snider.

Next up, it was time to test whether the hair peels off in one clump as advertised – and it did!

So, does it really do that?

“It 100 percent without question, with a 130-pound Bernese Mountain dog, yes, it really does that,” said Snider.

The glove claims to be great for all sizes and breeds of dogs. You can also use it on cats.

We paid $14.99 for the True Touch Glove at Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you order online, there are often deals like buy-one-get-one for the same price plus shipping.

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