PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Sunday night, it was Donald Trump.

Monday, it was Hillary Clinton.

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We’re getting an awful lot of love from the presidential candidates and their surrogates.

And there’s a good reason for that.

The last Democrat to win the White House without winning Pennsylvania was Harry Truman in 1948.

And of the 18 Republicans who became president, all but two carried Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton launched her final day of campaigning in Pittsburgh on Monday morning with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio introducing the Democrat.

“Hello, Pittsburgh,” shouted Clinton.

It was Clinton’s second visit here in just 72-hours in an election she said offered a clear choice.

“Tomorrow we face a test of our time. Will we be coming together as a nation or splitting further apart? Will we set goals that all of us can help meet, or will we turn on each other, and pit one group of Americans against another?” Clinton asked the crowd in Oakland.

With polls so close in Pennsylvania and 20 electoral votes at stake, it’s hard to imagine Clinton or Trump becoming president without winning Pennsylvania, and that helps explain why they have both spent so much time in the Pittsburgh region in the last few days.

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For Clinton to win, she needs a strong Philadelphia vote, primarily African Americans, coupled with a solid lead among suburban women both there and here.

For Trump to win, he must hope for a low voter turnout in Philadelphia, support from more suburban women, and a huge win among white working class Democratic males in the counties around Pittsburgh.

Both candidates are pitching their vision of America.

But on Monday in Pittsburgh, Clinton said she had the temperament to unite America after a divisive election.

“Tomorrow is the election, but that is just the beginning. We have to heal this country. We have to bring people together, listen and respect each other,” she said.

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Soon we should know if it’s Clinton or Trump who will lead that healing process.

In the meantime, both candidates are wrapping up their last day of campaigning.

Trump will be in Michigan Monday night.

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Clinton will return to Pennsylvania — this time for a big rally with President and Mrs. Obama in Philadelphia.