PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – For many people, cleaning the bathroom is not a fun chore.

Sometimes you scrub and scrub and the tub and sink still won’t come clean.

Maybe you need the Hurricane Spin Scrubber.

The cordless, rechargeable wonder claims to make cleaning a breeze – making your sink and shower sparkle.

Does it really do that?

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber comes with more promises than you can shake a mop at. It claims it can do 300 scrubs per minute to blast away mildew, grime, dirt and soap scum.

With that said, Katie Knox and KDKA-TV’s Brenda Waters were on a mission.

Knox is a wife, a mother of four children ranging in age from 7 to 16 and a dog owner.

She said cleaning seems to be a never-ending chore at her house. So, she was willing to try anything to speed up the process.

“I’ve watched the infomercial about the product and it looks like it does great things. I’m hoping it makes cleaning easier or gets the job done that is beyond my capabilities,” she said.

So, they clicked the attachments together and were ready to get down and dirty.

The first stop was the children’s bathroom.

Knox really liked how the corner brush cleaned the sink fixtures and made them sparkle like new.

With success in the upstairs bathroom, it was time to try out the downstairs one.

Knox thought some results were good, but the Hurricane Spin Scrubber fell short on grout.

“I’m not sure it’s getting in the grout, she said. “I think that was probably an inaccurate representation of the product.”

The infomercial claims there’s no need to use cleansers with the Hurricane Spin Scrubber, but Knox and Waters decided to use a few anyway.

And, they thought the cleansers helped.

So, Does It Really Do That?

Knox had mixed reviews.

“Some of the things it does really do, some it does not. Where we said it worked really well, was tight corners, high spaces. Would I pull it out for everyday jobs, probably not, but for deep cleaning…it worked great,” she said.

One other note – when you’re first snapping the parts together, make sure you hear a click. Otherwise, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber might shut off while you’re using it.

We bought our Hurricane Spin Scrubber online for $40 dollars and got a second one for half off.

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