By Kym Gable

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Like so many families, the Lismans juggle a challenging schedule of school, activities, work, and family time.

They’ve learned to “go with the flow,” but unfortunately, their pipes haven’t. Clogs and slow drains are a common occurrence in their home.

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“When I get involved, it’s usually about 4 inches of water standing in the tub, and it’s not doing down at all,” said Chuck Lisman.

KDKA’s Kym Gable showed the Lisman family a product called Sani Sticks. They are slim blue “sticks” that you plop down your sink, tub, or shower drain. When they fall, the Sani Sticks rest in the pipe trap.  As water passes through, they release natural enzymes to keep the lines clear.

Teri Lisman was pleased to hear the product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

“I mean, the directions are pretty simple,” Teri said as she read the back of the package. “Administer one Sani Stick monthly by dropping one down the drain of the sink or tub.”

The Sani Sticks promise your pipes will remain blockage free for a month.

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“Anything that comes off my to-do list is a good thing,” said Chuck. “A simple product that falls in the drain and I never have to do this again? That’s a good thing.”

Fast forward 30 days and Kym Gable and our KDKA-TV crew went back to the Lisman house to see if the Sani Sticks really worked.

“Well, we’ve noticed that the water isn’t filling up in any of the sinks or any of the drains,” Teri said.

So, does it really do that?  Teri and her family say, ‘Yes!’

“It seems like it’s working!”

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