RESERVE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – When it comes to treating a heart attack, time is of the essence, which makes a local firefighter’s story so incredible.

Dave Moore Sr., a Reserve Township volunteer firefighter, was at the station when he went into cardiac arrest around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. At the time, he was setting up for a meeting when something didn’t feel right.

Immediately recognizing the symptoms, the 57-year-old called his sons, who are also firefighters and trained EMTs.

Both rushed to the fire station, while other crew members grabbed a defibrillator and called 911. Paramedics arrived at the scene within six minutes of the initial call.

“We started to get him on oxygen and place an AED with him in case he went into cardiac arrest. While we were hooking up the heart monitor, he went into cardiac arrest. I began chest compressions and my brother began giving him ventilations. He was shocked through the paramedic’s monitor four times with continuous CPR. When we went to load him into the ambulance, he was back conscious and talking again with stable vital signs,” Mike Moore said.

Moore was taken to the hospital, where he had three stents put in. He was fully alert and in recovery less than two hours after calling 911.

“We were very fortunate, we feel very, very fortunate to be able to have the success that we did and the outcome that we had. He’s doing very well now. He’s expected to make a full recovery,” Mike Moore said.

Remarkably, Dave Moore Sr. participated in the evening meeting from the hospital.

“He called from the hospital, still in intensive care, just to say he appreciated what everybody did for him and the love and the support that he was getting from the fire department here and just wanted to make sure everybody knew how much he really cared,” Mike Moore said.

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