PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A man and woman are facing charges after they were found passed out in a vehicle in a Pittsburgh Police station parking lot.

Officers found them overnight at the Zone 1 police station, with two young children also in the car.

Police say they believe the two people who were inside the parked Mercedes Benz SUV just after 1 a.m. were high and passed out. Officials say the man told the officers that he pulled into the station parking lot after his female passenger passed out from taking too many pills.

However, Pittsburgh Police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer said, “No one came in the station seeking assistance.”

Police found 36-year-old Joseph Trojan and Patricia Danko both passed out in the SUV.

“The male was behind the wheel, the female was on the passenger side,” said Schaffer. “In addition to that, they also found two young children in the backseat of the car.”

The children, ages 5 and 2, were asleep. One was in a car seat, but the other was not.

According to paramedics, the kids were not hurt, but police could not awaken Trojan and Danko.

“They tapped on the window a couple of times and could not get their attention. About the third attempt of knocking on the window, they were able to wake up the male,” Schaffer said. “At that point, he did put the car in gear and tried to drive away, but they ordered him out of the vehicle and he did stop.”

Police say Trojan’s eyes were glassy and he seemed disoriented. They also found a glass pipe in the vehicle with charred ends, and they say Trojan was trying to kick a clear baggie under the seat.

He was given several sobriety tests and taken to the Allegheny County Jail.

Meantime, the children were taken by police to Trojan’s mother’s home. The woman is their grandmother.

Apparently, CYF petitioned family court to have the children removed from the custody of Danko, who is their mother and that order was recently granted.

Danko was released from Allegheny General Hospital. There’s no word if she will face any charges.

Meanwhile, Trojan will be arraigned late Wednesday night. He faces numerous charges, including endangering the welfare of children and driving under the influence.

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