McCANDLESS (KDKA) — A water main break that started as a trickle and became a geyser pummeled a home in the North Hills Tuesday evening.

The break was first reported just before 7 p.m. at Thompson Run Road between McIntyre and Duncan Avenue in McCandless.

Crews from West View Water Authority spent the night working on the 12-inch main line. One lane on Thompson Run Road reopened to traffic just before 11 p.m.

But water has been shut off to nearby homes for some time.

The geyser shot water about 25 to 30 feet in the air. The pressure was so strong it shot the asphalt from Thompson Run Road onto the roof of a nearby home, as well as some power lines.

Authorities say the landscaping of that home is damaged.

Kids were inside the home at the time with their parents. They are now staying elsewhere for the night.

Water service is shut off to about 35 homes right now. Two valves had to be shut off. The affected homes are on Thompson Run Road and nearby Pin Oak Drive and Stream Side Drive.

Neighbors said they’re doing what they can to get by until the water is turned back on.

“We’re going to hang in the hot tub for a while and make due. Relatives, friends, bottled water, just what people do,” resident Michelle Ivetic said.

Allegheny County Public Works was also at the scene to check out the damage because they just paved the road two weeks ago and were going to mark the lines on the road Wednesday.

Crews with West View Water Authority said they expect to fix the problem by the end of the night, then hope to get the water turned back on for folks soon after that.

Crews expect the closed down section of Thompson Run Road to be open for rush hour traffic Wednesday.

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