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NORTH BRADDOCK (KDKA) — The headlines last month were shocking – a North Braddock police officer accused of soliciting sex online.

On BackPage, a so-called sex site, former North Braddock police officer Mike Foley allegedly identified himself as a “white alpha male bull seeking couples/wives/girlfriends.” Selfies posted alongside the ad were taken in the North Braddock Police Station, showing Foley in uniform.

The stern-faced former cop in the photos was a far cry from the Mike Foley who sat down with KDKA’s Marty Griffin for an exclusive interview.

Griffin: “You’re characterized on that site as somebody looking for sex, right?”
Foley: “Yeah, that’s my understanding of the whole thing.”

Foley confirmed that the photos on the site were his own photos, but he denied writing the posts on two sex sites.

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One post appeared to be an ad in which Foley is soliciting sex with married women or women who are currently in a relationship.

Part of the post read, “I like risking getting a woman pregnant so her pathetic man can raise my baby if I do.” Another part read, “women, do you have a fantasy of being taken by a (real life) cop?”

On a similar sex site, Foley allegedly wrote, “I’m really good at just about everything. Especially sex.”

Foldey contends he didn’t write a word of it, saying he was set up.

Griffin: “Yes or no, is this you?”
Foley: “Listen. I’m not comfortable getting into any of the things.”
Griffin: “Of the details of this?”
Foley: “Any of it.”

Within a week of the pictures and the messages on the sex sites appearing, Foley resigned.

When asked why he would resign if he did nothing wrong and was set up, Foley said, “I needed to step back from all this [and] separate myself from the department… for the good of the department and the community, that I step away from that, from North Braddock.”

Griffin: “If this is a set-up, if you were framed, if all of this is fabricated, if somebody did this to you… why wouldn’t you go after people?”
Foley: “You’re getting into something that I’m simply not going to discuss.”

Police confirm none of the allegations regarding Foley and the sex sites involve criminal matters and there’s nothing illegal about it.

Police did open a criminal investigation after a woman claimed she met Foley – who allegedly was in full uniform — at a Cranberry hotel, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Foley says he has been cleared in that investigation, and sources confirm Foley has been cleared of all criminal allegations.

Phil DiLucente, Foley’s attorney, called the allegations “horrible and false.”

“There’s a lot of trauma that my client suffered because of this,” he said. “He did resign. He resigned to clear his name and for the good of the community at the time. That’s unselfish in a lot of ways.”

Foley has been cleared of any possible criminal charges. He broke no laws. He says that gives him a clear path to become a police officer again.

Regarding the sex sites and his claims he was set up, Foley says he will fully explain how that happened and why at a later date.