By Dave Crawley

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Steelers fans are known to be a passionate group, but apparently their passion and plethora of Lombardi Trophies, also make them less desirable to date.

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According to a new survey from Fanatics, Pittsburgh Steelers fans are considered one of the least dateable.

“I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and I would not date a Steelers fan,” a young woman said.

“I’m a San Diego Charger fan,” her male friend added. “I wouldn’t date a Steeler fan to save my life.”

“Everybody hates us because we’re so good,” a Steeler fan retorted.

“We’re still the best team in the NFL, and the greatest organization,” said Jim Coen, owner of Yinzers, explaining the datting unpopularity. “They’re not good enough for us anyway.”

“We want a very certain type of people, and maybe we’e less likely to go for people and that’s why they don’t want to date us,” a young woman adds.

The New England Patriots were the top “least dateable” fans, followed by Dallas Cowboy fans in second. (Catching a theme here?)

Green Bay Packers fans and Atlanta Falcons fans rounded out the top five.

Photo Credit: Fanatics

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The survey also revealed some very interesting insight into a football fan’s dating habits.

Check this out: Nearly half of Baltimore Ravens fans say there’s no way they’d date a Steelers supporter, or any other rival for that matter.

What’s more, 24 percent of Ravens fans also said they’d rather give up sex for a year than date a rival Steelers fan.

According to the study, Steelers fans also value dating other Steelers fans. Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said they’d rather date someone of the same fan base than religion.

Tom and Shauna Coleman have returned from their home in Utah to celebrate their 40th anniversay in the city where they met. They’re still die-hard Steelers fans. But what if Shauna had rooted for a team like the Ravens, way back when? Tom grimaces at the thought.

“I think if she was a Ravens fan we may not have just made it, back in the day. I think I would have probably had to pass and go looking for somebody else. I mean, Ravens fans are awful.”

Even love has its limits, when it comes to Black and Gold.

Who are the most dateable NFL fans?

The survey found fans of the Los Angeles Rams, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, and Los Angeles Chargers are the most dateable.

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Fans of the Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers aren’t off the hook either. Those teams were also in the top ten of “least dateable fans.”