By Dave Crawley

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Server Mary Kelly of DeLuca’s Diner in the Strip has been waiting on customers for 25 years. But she didn’t realize that she works in a tipping paradise – until now.

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A credit card website called Square Incorporated has rated the tipping generosity of diners nationwide, and Pittsburgh is rated number one. Average tip? 17.6 percent.

“Pittsburgh’s a very friendly, open town,” Mary Kelly responded. “People say hello to you as you walk down the street. So I’m not surprised at all. I’m a good tipper, too!”

Up the road at Pamela’s, server Claire Wise is an expert at juggling plates and taking orders. It really doesn’t matter who collects the tips. Table duties and tips are shared equally. She was surprised, initially, to hear about Pittsburgh’s number one tipping rating.

“I guess I wouldn’t think about it, Pittsburgh being a small city. But I could see it. People are friendly here.”

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On the other hand, table busser Dan Sappington wasn’t surprised at all.

“Not really. We’re one of the best places in America right now, so I’m not surprised at all.”

He also guessed which city ranks at the bottom of the list, with tips averaging 14 percent.


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Right on the money – leaving server Claire Wise to conclude: “I would much rather be a server in Pittsburgh.”