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HOUSTON (KDKA) — A number of Pittsburghers are trapped in the floodwaters of Houston.

Lori Humphrey, from McKees Rocks, shot cellphone video while walking through a flooded street in Houston. She was trying to reach a U-Haul business to rent a truck to pick up her son, who is also stranded by flooding.

“The U-Haul truck company is only nine minutes away down the street,” she says in the video. “However, the water is so deep in some parts, it’s up to my waist, so I decided to just turn back around because it’s not worth it.”



Humphrey arrived in Houston last Monday. She’s been staying at a motel waiting to start a nursing job at the county jail. Now, she’s running out of money and worried about more flooding.

“Just going to get worse from here,” she said. “It’s Sunday, come Monday or Tuesday the water will be up to the top of our roof, too, where I’m at. Just a matter of time. Pray for us.”

Leah and Jon Gross have roots in Jeannette. They’re worried about non-stop rain and are bracing for flooding that’s already ravaging the city.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people that are way worse off than we are,” Leah Gross said over the phone from Bellaire, Texas. “We are fortunate to have a multi-story house.”

When KDKA’s Bob Allen spoke to her on the phone, she said severe flooding already forced the evacuation of homes in a neighboring community. She believes her neighborhood in Bellaire is next.

“I’m walking to our front door right now, and it’s now over our porch, we’ve got a couple of inches,” she said. “My husband just said that if the rain keeps up the way it’s raining now, our house will flood in a matter of minutes.”

The Gross family expects to join tens of thousands who have already been evacuated or rescued.

“I ask that all of Pittsburgh and people in your viewing area pray for the city of Houston,” Gross said.