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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – People in Pittsburgh stand in long line for all sorts of things, like Steelers or Penguins playoff tickets.

Today, a bunch of people were waiting outside a Toys ‘R’ Us store, even though Black Friday is just about three months away.

The line was made up of “Star Wars” fans waiting for hours to get their hands on items from the next movie in the popular series.

“We have done it every year for the past three years and just a fun time you know? Get out and do something a little different,” Ross Grieco said.

Inside, volunteers from the store staff made sure everything was ready for the big release. Even Geoffry the Giraffe had a lightsaber.

“It’s been fantastic. We have had over 50 people in line, and they are all excited. A little disappointed we didn’t have anyone dressed up this year, but the excitement people have is just phenomenal,” store manager Brian Kingman said.

So, what exactly is the big attraction?

“Folks my age, it was ‘Star Wars’ first came our when we were little and they brought it back — and it’s a huge hit. It’s a lot of fun to get all the young kids involved with it — and open the stores and just get people in the stores and get people out and about,” Shawn Hall said.

Everyone who attended the special event got a free poster and a commemorative T-shirt.

As for the items, there was little bit of everything for everyone.

“They are pretty adorable. They are stuffed figures. My friend here was first in line. He got tons and tons of figures — pretty much everything he wanted. I’m picking up some Legos so, really good haul. Really good haul. No complaints here,” Mac Purvis said.

Now they can resume counting the days until the movie release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” on Dec. 15.

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