PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A giant fireball lit up the sky, shook houses, and may have hit the ground according to social media reports.

The possible meteorite was spotted over Western Canada and parts of the Western United States.

Hundreds of people in Alberta, and as far north as Calgary, took to social media to report seeing the giant fireball light up the sky Monday night. Others in Northern Idaho also reported the flash.

In videos, mostly from security cameras, you can see the flaming object turn the sky green before fading into a dark orange fireball on the horizon.

Kevin Skrepnek, Chief Fire Information Officer for British Columbia reported the fireball on Twitter.

He wrote that the “entire sky lit up, with a huge boom 1m later.”

Skrepnek also speculated that smoke from the wildfires burning in the west also contributed to the intense fireball.

“Initially I thought it was a power surge and all the streetlights were shorting at once,” Skrepnek said on Twitter.

On Twitter some speculated that the fireball may have actually hit the ground, making it a meteorite but that has not been confirmed.