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HARRISBURG, Pa. (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA/AP) – Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is warning that Pennsylvanians will “get hurt” if state lawmakers don’t pass a revenue package to balance a nearly $32 billion budget bill they approved more than two months ago.

Wolf tells the “KDKA Morning News” on Tuesday that his decision day is Sept. 15, when he’ll have to start freezing some spending to prevent the state’s main bank account from going below zero.

“I’ve been able to borrow money . . . so I’ve been managing the process the best I can in the hopes and expectation that the House Republicans will come back and finish the job we all started on time. And so I’ve been trying to make ends meet, but this string of things that I can do really runs out [September 15th],” said Wolf.

Wolf says freezing spending could affect roads, schools and emergency response systems.

No House votes are scheduled this week.

Most House Republicans say they’re committed to passing a revenue package. But they complain that Wolf didn’t freeze spending earlier and they object to the tax increases and borrowing in a $2.2 billion package the Senate approved in July.

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