By Ross Guidotti

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HEMPFIELD (KDKA) — A teenager has been charged for allegedly pouring urine on textbooks and assaulting Pressley Ridge School employees in Westmoreland County.

The incident occurred at the court-adjudicated youth facility just outside Greensburg. The 14-year-old student allegedly involved also used a fire extinguisher in the incident.

State police in Greensburg say the disturbance occurred inside the facility on Bovard Luxor Road. The facility helps at risk youth in the court system.

According to witnesses and staff, the student became angry after being accused of pouring a bottle of urine on textbooks.

When confronted over the accusations, authorities say the student became violent. The teen allegedly pushed a male staff member.

According to state police, the situation escalated when a female staff member tried to intervene.

Police say the student, originally from Blairsville, grabbed a fire extinguisher, activated it and shot its contents at the woman trying to help.

What prompted the student to pour urine on the books in the first place is not known.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Pressley Ridge not making any comments on the matter, and the student faces summary charges of criminal mischief and harassment.