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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It hasn’t even been a year since the 2016 presidential election, but users on a prediction market website are already putting money on who the nominees will be in 2020.

USA Today says Predictit is a site where “traders” can buy and sell shares in the outcomes of future events.

Predictit opened trading on the 2020 Republican presidential nomination Wednesday, USA Today reports, and Trump rose to the top of the list.

As of Thursday afternoon, the Top 5 Republican nominees were as follows:

1. Donald Trump
2. Mike Pence
3. John Kasich
4. Marco Rubio
5. Nikki Haley

Shares for Trump were going for 46 cents, and shares for Pence were at 20 cents. Kasich, Rubio and Haley trailed behind with their shares at 7 cents, 6 cents and 5 cents, respectively.

Trading for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination opened last week. USA Today reported that Senator Bernie Sanders was at the top of the list on the first day of trading, but a week later, Senator Elizabeth Warren had overtaken him.

The Top 5 Democratic nominees included:

1. Elizabeth Warren
2. Bernie Sanders
3. Kamala Harris
4. Joe Biden
5. Cory Booker

Predictions were much tighter in the Democratic race, with Warren’s shares at 16 cents, and both Sanders’ and Harris’s shares at 15 cents. Biden’s shares were going for 10 cents and Booker’s shares were at 9 cents.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg also made his way into the Top 10. He was in eighth place, with his shares going for 6 cents.