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NEW KENSINGTON (KDKA) — Fans are familiar with his skills as a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers; but on Tuesday, Le’Veon Bell tried his hand at something new.

He stepped behind the counter at a Pittsbugh-area Dairy Queen, and served up some sweet treats to customers.

Bell spent the afternoon making ice cream treats at the Dairy Queen in New Kensington.

The star running back just went back to work with the Steelers after missing all of Training Camp this year. But while he was holding out, he took to Twitter, joking, “I gotta keep my options open,” by applying for a job at Dairy Queen.

DQ tweeted back, “We’re always looking for top talent to join our team.”

So, Bell decided to stop by the New Ken DQ this week, got a uniform and went to work. As he was learning to make some of DQ’s favorite delights, he found out firsthand that it takes more skill than he realized.

“It’s way harder than I thought it was going to be,” Bell said after handing out his first Blizzard. “I think everybody’s job is different. I don’t think this job is any easier than my job, and I don’t think my job is any easier than their job.”

After mixing, scooping and stirring, the verdict is in.

“Based on my ice cream, no, they should fire him,” said one customer jokingly.

The good news is, Bell does have football to fall back on. Plus, he now has a new perspective on the folks who put the swirl on the top of the cone.

“Everybody puts in hard work, especially if they want to be the best at it,” Bell said.