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SWISSVALE (KDKA) — A Swissvale woman says her daughter suffered a concussion after she was attacked by two classmates after getting off her school bus Friday.

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Two fights broke out near the bus stop at Westmoreland and Milligan streets in Swissvale on Wednesday while KDKA’s cameras were rolling.

In fact, the crossing guard called for police back up Wednesday just like she did when a fight broke out on Friday.

Swissvale police did arrive within minutes, very much like they did last Friday when 13-year-old Cashmere Hamilton, a 7th grader at Woodland Hills Junior High, suffered a concussion and lacerations of the legs, after an altercation with two girls from her school bus.

Her mother, Brandi Goodlowe, told KDKA what happened.

“Ran up behind her and pulled her by her hair and slammed her on the ground. That’s when she hit her head. And she said that the girl was constantly kicking her in face,” Goodlowe said.

Crossing guard Lenore Wossidlo called 911.

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“Their bus driver actually called me over and said there is going to be a fight,” she said.

Turns out the bus driver was right, however the school district said there was no incident report filed.

Now, Goodlowe wants to know why the two girls who bullied her daughter haven’t been suspended.

“The principal said that she can switch my daughter out of the class that these two girls are in, but I don’t feel [my daughter] should be switched,” she said. “If anything, they should be.”

Swissvale police say one teen has been cited in the incident but they haven’t been able to identify the second girl. Hamilton’s mother says that’s not enough. She wants more action from the school. The district tells KDKA the matter is under investigation.

“I want to see how it goes. But actually I really don’t want her to go back, but hopefully they can do something about this bullying,” Goodlowe said.

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The school district says the girl who was cited has not returned to school since the incident happened.

Lynne Hayes-Freeland