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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Several Pittsburghers arrived home from their trips to Las Vegas on Monday morning as news about Sunday night’s mass shooting was developing.

The Las Vegas airport was shut down shortly after the mass shooting happened. People traveling to Pittsburgh International said not only was their flight delayed, they were confused about what was happening.

At least two flights from Las Vegas arrived in Pittsburgh Monday morning. Many passenger said they knew very little about the mass shooting.

“They shut the whole airport down. Nobody was getting in or out,” said Hans Eichenlaub of South Park. “You weren’t going anywhere. Just sit tight until it’s over.”

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The shooting happened around 10 p.m. Sunday, moments before some Pittsburgh-bound passengers were heading to the airport.

“We’d just got in our limo that we’d had and was going down the strip,” said Heather Pusatere, who was arriving in Pittsburgh on a Frontier Airlines flight, “and we’d seen the emergency vehicles, but that was typical, kind of. Every night you see ambulance flying here, cop flying there.”

Some of the passengers said they were receiving conflicting reports.

“When we were in the airport, we heard that there was multiple shootings, that there were multiple shooters at Cesar’s Palace and they were just going up the strip,” Pusatere said. “We heard there was car bombs at the Luxor, everything was on lockdown, so we didn’t know what was going on or how safe we even were at the airport.”

“Everybody had their different theories about what was going on and the flight attendants weren’t really sure what time we were taking off, and they kept pushing it back and they pulled the people off the plane that was going to Chicago that was already on the taxi,” Brea Eichenlaub told KDKA’s Lisa Washington.

The flights eventually resumed at the Las Vegas Airport and the delayed passengers were able to head home.

“[I’m in] disbelief that something like this could happen,” said Hans Eichenlaub.