By Julie Grant

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MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A father and son were killed and one woman was injured after a nasty crash at a busy intersection in Moon Township on Tuesday morning.

“It was crumbling. It was almost like a pop and then the crumbling of metal,” said Deborah Terossian, who works nearby at Buford’s Kitchen.

Terossian was on her way to work around 10:15 a.m. when she heard the sound of the cars colliding.

“I was coming from my car and I heard the sound, so I walked around the side of the building and that’s when I saw it,” said Terossian.

The sedan was on fire and the SUV was on its roof. According to police, the sedan was turning left into Moon Plaza and the SUV was coming straight through the intersection in the opposite direction in the right-hand lane when they collided.

“In the sedan were two men and they were trapped in that vehicle. In the SUV was a woman and she was trapped in the vehicle,” said Chief Leo McCarthy, of the Moon Township Police Department.

According to police, firefighters extricated all three of them.

In the sedan was an 86-year-old man from Findlay Township. He was driving. His 55-year-old son, who lived on Coraopolis, was in the passenger seat.

The son was pronounced dead at the scene. The father was transported to Allegheny General Hospital and died a short time later.

The woman in the SUV is still being treated at AGH and is expected to survive.

“I’m surprise that lady lived, to be honest. By the way that vehicle looked, it looked worse than the Saturn,” said Nathan Stewart, who saw the aftermath of the crash.

People in the area were shocked at the aftermath, but not surprised at the location.

“It just goes to show you how unsafe this intersection is and how much needs [to be] done with this intersection. They just re-did it. They didn’t do much,” said Stewart.

Recently, a left turning lane was added in both directions.

“It’s still a dangerous intersection, and I think that something should be done about it. There’s too many accidents here,” said Judy Walsh, of Moon Township.

According to Chief McCarthy, the intersection is not unsafe.

“Any major intersection, you’re going to have serious crashes. But fatal crashes, we don’t have a history of that there,” said Chief McCarthy.

The chief acknowledges the history of accidents there and says none have been dramatic like this one.

“This had to be the worst. It’s a really sad day for Moon Township,” said Walsh.

Recently, surveillance cameras were installed at the intersection. There is video of the crash that is not yet being released to the public.

The names of the father and son who were killed are not being released until the next of kin are notified. The woman who survived is 46-years-old and lives in Robinson Township.

Police said it is too soon to know who was at fault. It is still under investigation.