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BLOOMFIELD (KDKA) — Thousands of people lined the streets for Bloomfield’s Columbus Day Parade, but the talk along Liberty Avenue was about the possibility that the parade could change names, neighborhoods or even seasons.

The sun was out in Bloomfield and so were the bands, both big and small. Pageant queens, and friends from KDKA, like Paul Martino and Christine D’Antonio.

But the conversation all around: would the parade stay in Bloomfield or move downtown?

“I don’t like it because I won’t go downtown,” Bloomfield resident Anita Ricci said.

“Because this is a great neighborhood, and I think we should support it,” Michelle Leddon of North Versailles said.

The parade has always celebrated Italian heritage, but other folks are part of the festivities.

“So it’s more than just Italian Americans,” Guy Costa, chairman of the parade, said. “It’s all ethnic groups, and we invite all ethnic groups to participate in this parade.”

Organizers are discussing some changes — maybe moving the date as well as the venue.

“If there is a parade on Columbus Day weekend, it will remain the Columbus Day Parade,” Costa said. “But if we change the date to maybe in the summertime or springtime, we would have to go with a different name because it wouldn’t be Columbus Day weekend.”

Many folks at the parade Saturday said they want the traditions to stay the same.

“I think we need to leave history alone. We keep changing it,” Leddon said. “History is history. That’s what makes it history.”

“Our history keeps going out the window,” Deborah Biacno of Bloomfield said. “Everybody keeps getting rid of parts of our history. We need to be known.”

The chairman of the parade says the committee has to respond to new generations.